Friday, July 25, 2014


Here we are in the throes of summer! Finally, we wait all year for these moments, and at last they arrive. Opportunity there is here! 

Really, take a breath and sit back, either at home, in your car, on your bike.  Wherever you are, summer forces a slower time. Routine is gone, and fetching something to do becomes a full time job.  Summertime is meant to be slow.  Even the "business as usual" mentality here in the United States does slow down. Sure, the stock market has its ups and downs, life goes on no matter what, but still, there is something so special about summer.

At this time, opportunity to examine in your current endeavors happens whether you notice or not.  Use your down time wisely, take a break!  Then, upon your return to the ho-hum of everyday life, you will appreciate your summer time and its lovely forces to keep you as you.  

Yes, summer's gift is the offer for you to be yourself.  No hiding behind regular hours and interests, now is the time to truly discover something new, about yourself, those around you, a certain subject matter.

As for myself, yes, I have taken a few weeks off from writing my articles, although I certainly have had some topics in mind.  It is good to stand back, take in the view of your life. I have been busy, but even being busy has summer's slower pace to it.

This summer I have taken short trips, seen the countryside, experienced new people.  I love that part the most.  Also, that is a big reason I love my website, I have the opportunity to talk to you, my readers! 

I have been working, too, one of my jobs as a skincare model, which is not as easy as some think.  Consistency is key here, as initial head shots are compared to those taken at a later date for comparison and test results. To present well, a steady look with like colors, similar weight level, same facial expression, same clothes, and, get this, the actual same height of your shoes, so that when you sit your body is positioned and distributed in the same manner as in earlier camera shots. 

It is quite holistic to be a photographic model, and to be effective you must know how to maintain consistency, relate to others, and be aware of the little nuances. For example, do not wear sunglasses on your trip to the shoot, or if you do wear glasses for correction, take them off at least 5 minutes before the shot, as they will leave marks on your face. Also, allow extra time for your eyes to adjust.

Also, be careful of your expression! Ever wonder why those before and after pictures in magazines can look so sullen sometimes? It is not to look bad, on the contrary the blank expression is to create a clean facial palette so you can see for yourself the progressive positive results of the product.  

Another summer opportunity is to clean house. Yes, go through any extra items you own and give them away if no longer any use to you. You will be too busy when school starts, the holidays come, and oh no never enough time!  Be sure to recycle, look for shredding events to get rid of that extra paper in your home. 

One major recycle event here was donating my childhood bed to charity. In a synchronistic manner, even that morning of the donation I woke up to hearing on the radio a top favorite of mine the Hollies song On a Carousel, released the same year that I went shopping with my mom and found this lovely cherry wood bed frame, in 1967! 

Yes, I have had it that long, and it actually feels good to let the past move on, have someone else enjoy some quality that indeed almost lasted a lifetime.  At first, yes, I was sad, but the over-arching premise is to stay in the present, to let the present happen, and sometimes holding on to the past can stifle the present.  Plus, anything unused takes up space!  If you are not using it, get rid of it (of course, ask the children first, and they were fine with this move).

Another opportunity of summer? As the clock runs slower, so you are forced to appreciate the little things in life.  if you can get to an ocean, a mountain, get there. And be still. For a long while. Diaphragm breathing will help here. Breathe in deeply through your nose, fill up the stomach like a balloon, then release your breath slowly through the mouth. Quiet your mind.

If you have the chance, witness a sunrise, I have a few times, and never have they quite looked as beautiful as this, although some came pretty close~


Happy summer, dear readers!

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