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Every now and then you get some great competition, and here it is, with the Ice Dancing competition at Sochi 2014.


Look at these gorgeous outfits from ice dancers Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov of Team Russia~
ice dancing to "Swan Lake," Getty Images
We do not see the tragic little white swan, but instead a darker side to this composition, and Elena and Nikita deliver.  The black gloves evoke separation from the intimacy of a couple, of the moment, and suggest instead separation, solo intent, tragedy from the benefits of human interaction.  Nice touch.  As for Nikita's wardrobe, the overlap shoulder emits strength and power, as the swan's ever so faithful love. He too will succumb to darkness and forever attempt to be with his true love.

It is the small, technical elements that differentiate the scores, and it is attention to detail that gets you the higher points.

Such is the modus operandi of Americans Meryl Davis and her partner  Charlie White.  I heard in an interview that Meryl listens carefully to her fans' comments, and several speak to attention to detail. For instance, a fan commented she did not care for the angle of Meryl's pinky finger, and Meryl took notice, agreed, and now is sure that little finger is angled appropriately!

Sounds picayune, however, that little angle can mean a lot when the body is under stress, duress and balance. Even in tennis, this caveat holds true.  I think in any sport really, as the goal is ultimate balance amidst the extreme duress of sport.

Davis and White score with the highest ever in a free skate, 114.34, yielding 10 points for their team~

Team Trophy Ice Dancing Free Dance Results
RankSkatersCountryScoreTeam Points
1Meryl Davis and Charlie WhiteUSA114.3410
2Tessa Virtue and Scott MoirCanada107.569
3Elena Ilinykh and Nikita KatsalapovRussia103.488
4Charlene Guignard and Marco FabbriItaly81.257
5Cathy Reed and Chris ReedJapan76.346


Meryl Davis and Charlie White have great costumes and technique as well, dancing to Scheherazade in the free dance, in deep blues and accent jewels. Very flowing, strong finish, unity of both, creative rendition, these are world champions~
Davis and White at Sochi Free Style
AND, watch for those Canadians!  
Defending Olympic ice dance champions, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. Tessa's dress resembles a Russian Faberge egg! Beautiful flow of the skirt, gentle, lovely~

courtesy Associated Press,  Bernat Armangue

Either one of these three pairs could take the gold.  Stay tuned!

Going for the GOLD for the short dance is slated for February 16, 10:00 AM eastern standard time, and the free dance on February 17, at 10:00 AM eastern standard United States time zone.

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