Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Okay, we know about the toys, electronics, bikes, dolls, the list goes on and on.  Santa and his elves are already quite busy!  What else can we surprise our little people with? After all, children get smarter every year, how do we as adults keep up??

Try an event. yes, something to do. You can group an item with an event.  Give this a try~

Surprise your young ones with lessons!  More, your child asks? But these will be for fun, you answer with a sly smile.

I.  Give the gift of tennis lessons!  

Kids can start by the age of three. Get your tot out on the courts, call around to see if the smaller "QuickStart" court is available.  The big thing is to simply get your children out on a court, it is sociable for mom and the kids! Click here for a great link describing what "QuickStart" tennis really is! For kids 10 and under :)

Lessons can be costly, so I suggest you try several avenues that will get you where you want to go.  You can call your township recreation offices to see what is available at discounted prices, also your local public tennis clubs to see what their terms are, price compare, ask questions and specifically ask if there are any scholarship funds, sometimes local rotary clubs will offer scholarships as well.

Besides tennis lessons, you can supplement that gift with tennis racquets, balls, really cute outfits, for all ages!  Lacoste has quality clothing that will last and look great on and off the courts. 


II.  Give the gift of swimming lessons! 

Same thing applies as above, check your local clubs, schools, governmental agencies for swimming lessons and discounts. I did this for my children since the age of three.  Lessons are well worth the effort, plus give Mom and Dad terrific memories of their children starting to learn and appreciate fitness and social camaraderie.

III. Give the gift of ART! MUSIC!!

Create a masterpiece, do a drawing with your children,a painting, record some music, sing!!  You get the picture!

IV. Take a family trip!  

Give the gift of Groupon~

Groupon:From $45/night with Two Water-Park Passes at Flamingo Waterpark Resort in Kissimmee, FL

And if you stay local, shop local to support your community!

V. Cutlery!  

Yes, teach your kids that fine dining starts young! Try the George Jensen Family Set of four for the holiday~
Georg Jensen Twist Family Child's Cutlery ...
The Twist Family Child's Cutlery 4 piece set is designed by internationally established... [More]
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Cook, too!!

VI.  Give your kids a BOOK! Send them on a reading adventure~

Here is the children's book that I wrote and illustrated, for ages 6 to 10. Of course it can be read to kids of ALL ages :)  Using the pen name C. Avery Brookes, I enjoyed every moment in creating the story of Sea Breezes, Salt Air and the book's main characters, the Bunny Cousins. You can find it at Amazon~

softcover on sale at $6.26

Enjoy the Bunny Cousins this Christmas, jump into their world of fun and excitement !! !! !! !!

For that personalized touch, be original and create your own story!

Personalized Children's Books

These are quality, lasting stories created to instill a lasting memory for you and your kids for years to come, these are wonderful gifts for all kids, your own, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, a special child you have taken under your wing.

AND VII. the best gift of all~


* Merry Christmas! *

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