Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Now that the holidays are officially upon us, how do we stay beautiful? Truly, how? Not so easy to answer, especially in these times of the huge onslaught of media distraction, children asking for more and more, the stress of the holidays and endless schedules....

But, if we take a deep breath, or two, we can stop time and nothing will actually change all that much.  We begin to realize that our frenzy is mostly self-induced, where if we took time to look at ourselves in a different light, one of quiet repose, we will see the world around us as less frenzied, less turbulent.

Beauty from within is the goal,  and with a little self help besides, we can be strong, productive, good citizens.  It is very important to remember our roots, here in the United States Thanksgiving is actually a patriotic holiday. But in the crunch of holiday planning leading us into the shopping for Christmas starting on "Black Friday," how easily we can forget or oversee what is most important~ our family and friendships.

Think about it, how our relationships do indeed mold who we are. You are the company you keep, as my mother and aunt would say. Be gentle with those whom you do not agree, and celebrate the fact that you are an individual, a person who cares and tries her best, even when a lapse in judgement occurs from time to time. Forgiveness is important, it frees the spirit to return to daily productivity.  This is beauty.

As you approach the holidays, keep your life as simple as possible, to indeed appreciate the gift of Thanksgiving, the fun of Black Friday, and Cyber Monday!  These shopping expeditions create the stage for you to think of your loved ones, to be aware of economy and financial savings, and to create some newness in your world.  

The giving aspect is beauty.  Consider now how you plan to give over the holidays.  it does not have to be financial.  Especially in these very rough financial times. There is time and talent.  There is also a smile, a quiet prayer for someone you see on the street, on a bus, someone right next to you.

Beauty manifests in many different ways.  For the next four weeks, each day, quietly do something nice for someone.  It can be anything.  You can be a good listener to someone you disagree with, you can do something for yourself and lift those kettle bells for 8 minutes a day.  This is your time to re-group, to re-fuel, to be a better person. Be creative!

The holidays in their simple form celebrate the newness of the world, the opportunity to be different. Even Black Friday as a commercial venue offers this chance for newness.  

Keep perspective and be merry!

Meanwhile, for some Black Friday specials, please see my post BEST BLACK FRIDAY BEAUTY BUYS, and think of your loved ones and self improvement along the way :)

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