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 Maria Sharapova, 26, the number 2 player in the world, is defending her 2012 French Open title, and here she is, once again on the clay facing her nemesis Serena Williams, 31, the number 1 women's tennis player in the world and 15 time grand slam winner.  Wow, what a duo!

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 How sweet, both players just entered Stade Roland Garros, court Suzanne Lenglen, holding hands with the ball kids!

Okay, the coin toss, a photo, and now warm up (of course they've been warming up much earlier :)).  Serena starts the warm up, but Sharapova won the coin toss and serves first.

 For simplicity, within the game, scores are from perspective of the server. The game score is also from perspective of the winner.


Game 1. First point Williams.  Serena gets to the service line immediately attacking Maria's service game. Twice now. 0-30. 0-40 now. 15-40.  Maria is tight. Better serve. 30-40. Ace to the middle. Deuce. Rally. Deep to corner. Ad Out. Wide Ad serve. Deuce again. Ad In. great Ad serve to middle, Serena hits wide to ally. Okay, Sharapova is on serve now. Game Sharapova, 1-0.

Game 2. Serena serves. Rally, 15-0. 15-15. Rally, Serena hits long. 15-30. Rally, maria hits deep to deuce corner, a winner. 15-40. Go Maria! First serve fault. second to middle, rally, Serena hits wide. Game Sharapova, 2-0.

Game 3.  Maria double faults. 0-15. a momentum killer. Crowd is so quiet! Ad serve out. Deep breath. Exhale. High toss, wide angle short rally, Serena hits wide. 15-15. High toss, wide serve, Serena hits wide and out. 30-15. First serve out. Second serve, ace! 40-15. High toss, both players hitting strong and deep. Maria nets. 40-30. High toss, into the net. Second serve. Windy today. Second serve, rally, now 40-40. Just misses ally line. Deuce. A miss-hit from baseline, AD Serena. Serena blasts Maria, deep to the corners then Serena gets to service line to smash an overhead for the game. Game Williams, leads at 2-1.

Game 4. Serena nets, 0-15. Next, great serve! 15-15. First serve wide to T. "Patience is a reward," says John McEnroe. Maria hits long. 30-15. Rally. Serena advances to service line, Maria nets. 40-15. First serve fault.  Maria attacks second serve, Serena nets, 40-30 now. Serena serves wide to AD side, Maria returns cross court, Serena returns down the line for a winner. Game Williams. At 2-2 game score now, both players on serve again.

Game 5. Maria double faults. 0-15. maria serves wide to AD, wide reuturns, Maria nets. 0-30.  Big first serve but faults. Big second serve to T, great Serena return, Maria hits out. 0-40. First serve fault. Second serve to Serena BH, crosscourt, maria returns, Serena to service line but nets the ball, too short. 15-40. Windy. Fault. Short rally, Serena hits long. 30-40. Tries for the T, faults. Serena wins a short rally, breaks Maria! Game Williams, 3-2 now.

Game 6. Sharapova gets first point, 0-15. Maria hits long, 15-15. First serve fault. Now hits near T and Maria nets. 30-15. Ace to middle, great serve! 40-15. High toss an dFAST hit for that ace. Deuce court second serve rally, both players hustle to net, 40-30. Wide deep serve to AD court, maria returns crosscourt and long. Game Williams, 4-2 now.

Game 7.  Maria serving, very windy, 0-15. Ad court Serena hits long. 15-15. Serena returns wide. 30-15. Maria serves wide, Serena serves wide, out. 40-15. Let ball. Wide ball. High toss, Serena nets. Game Sharapova 3-4.

Game 8. Serena serving. For greatness, a player needs "aggression and focus," says Mary Carillo. Nice serve, deep rally 3 times, Maria faults long. 15-0. Rally, 15-15 now. High toss, bold hit, ACE Serena! 30-15. Rally, 30-30 now. First serve out. 30-40, Serena nets. Nets first serve. Second serve and a short rally, flat ball sails on Serena, Game Sharapova. At equal 4-4 now.

Game 9. Maria first serve fault.  High toss to the T, rally, Serena gets to service line and net, drop shots successfully. 0-15. great serve, ball pops up, 15-15. High toss, deep crosscourt rally, 4 times, the Serena hits down line to change direction and Maria nets. 15-30. Rally, Maria hits wide, 15-40. Nets first serve. High toss on the T, Serena returns early + short wide angle for a winner. Breaks Maria. Game Williams. 5-4 now.

Game 10. Serena serving for the set. High risk playing on Serena's part. High toss, blasts a power serve to T, Maria ops up. 15-0. Fault first serve. Rally, maria nets an easy rally shot. 30-0. Ace! 40-0. Tries for the T, fault. Let ball. Easier serve, Maria returns shorter for winer. 40-15.  Re-does toss. Blasts first serve, has maria running side to side and Maria hits wide.
On serve. Game Williams, 6-4. 

Game and set belong to Serena Williams! 6-4. In under 1 hour of play.


Game 1.  Sharapova serving, 0-15 now. AD court, double faults. 0-30.  Wide serve long crosscourt rally, Serena hits wide, 15-30. Second serve now. Double faults, 15-40. Serves to the T line rally, 30-40 now. Serves near the T, Serena returns wide and out, Deuce! First serve wind behind maria needs more topspin she hits out. Ad Serena. Wow, what a great play, slice at end of point, Maria slices deep and not dropped, she faked a shot. Deuce again. Ugh, Serena forces Maria to hit a big shot at a tough angle. AD Serena. They are both fighting for this game. Power returns, Serena nets. Deuce. Nice serve but Maria hits long. AD Serena.  High toss, nets. Wide serve, Serena returns crosscourt, then Maria down the line. Deuce. Power serve in the T, short rally, Serena nets.AD Sharapova. Fault. Rally, Sharapova winner to wide ally. Game Sharapova 1-0. 

Game 2.  Williams serving. Long rally,Serena corners Maria, both at net, lobs over Maria.
15-0. Maria lobs now to get Serena off balance.This works!  15-15. Rally, 30-15 now. Serves wide to AD court, Serena next returns down teh line for a winner. 40-15. aria cuts a drop shot but Serena come sin and Maria pops high. Game Williams, 1-1.

Game 3.  Maria is serving. Maria drop shots again, Serena gets it and hits down the line for a winner. 0-15. Second serve, short rally, Serena uses forehand and hits short angle spin shot for a winner! 0-30. First serve fault. Tough return for Serena, 15-30 now. Serena shanks out second serve, 30-30 now.  High toss, nice rally, good defense on Serena's part, Maria could have had a winner but instead nets. 30-40. Short point, Serena takes the game. Game Williams 2-1.

Game 4.  Serena has a first serve wide on T. Second~ too tough, Maria nets. 15-0. High toss blasts a serve. Rally, Maria hits long. 30-0. High toss, htrows body into teh serve, power returns, Maria hits long, 40-0. Serena gets the job done.  Hits wide power serve, Maria offers a light return, but Serena approaches net and puts the ball away. Game Williams, 3-1.

Game 5.  Sharapova Faults first serve.  Serena gets those balls back, but maria hits a winner to angle from baseline. 15-0. Tough shot now 15-15.  maria needs to angle more.  First serve fault. Blasts a forehand, Serena returns long. 30-15. The crowd claps and rallies!  Ad serve out at T. Second~ high toss, short rally, maria approached service line Serena nets. 40-15. High toss, second serve now, Serena blasts a quick return! 40-30.  Oh no, Maria has Serena on the run but then Maria nets the ball! Deuce. Fault first serve. Second Serena tries to blast again but instead nets the ball. AD Maria. High, high toss. Maria plays wide deep angles to Serena and Serena returns wide and out! Game Sharapova, 2-3.. 

One hour 24 minutes so far.  Very quiet stadium throughout the match.

Game 6. Serena blasts a serve and Maria blasts back too much. 15-0. Wow, Serena clips the line keeps moving in after she hits for a down the line winner. 30-0. Now hits deep and Maria misses. 40-0. Serena's serve improves as the match progresses. Now Serena misses a return as she approaches.  40-15.  High toss and blasts a serve near the T for an ACE! Game Williams. Now at 4-2.

Game 7. Sharapova serving now. High toss and blasts a wide serve Serena hits deep and long. 15-0. High toss, beautiful serve, Serena returns usual but maria nets the ball. 15-15.  Second serve now, Maria returns wide angel, and approaches for a volley at service line, puts ball away. 30-15.  Serves to T, Maria is running Serena and Serena hits long angle. 40-15.  Second serve now. Crosscourt rally, Maria nets. 40-30. Wide serve, Maria has Serena running, Serena nets. Game Sharapova. 3-4.

LOVE the Longines slogan, "Elegance is an Attitude."  Just like Maria's serve!

Game 8.  Serena serves now, Maria needs to break her to succeed to a third set.  let us see what happens here.  Second serve, great inside the line short angel winner, 15-0. Serena runs Maria wide on her AD serve, then approaches service line for an opposite court winner. 30-0. Now 40-0. Serena is fast!  Good toss and blasts a powerful ACE to the T!  Game Williams. Now 5-3.

Game 9. Maria serves.  Faults first serve. Short rally and Serena returns long. 15-0. Faults first serve. Second, high toss near T playing to middle then hit s deep to BH corner Serena pops up and out. 30-0. greta serve too fast of a rally and Serena beats with quick placement, 30-15.  First serve good, middle shots but maria returns a flat ball too wide. 30-30 now.  High toss wide serve has Serena running!! Serena cannot get to, great deep shot Maria !40-30.  Taking her time, high wide serve tries ot out fox Serena but Maria misses a short angle return, 40-40 now!  High toss, wide on T, fault. Second, to the T, Serena returns long. AD Maria.  Serves to middle then hits deep to corner and Serena shanks the ball out. Game Sharapova. 4-5.

Game 10.  Serena serving for the Set, the Match and Championship.  Play the point, the game.  High toss, BLASTS a serve to the T, ACE!! 15-0. High toss, serves to the T and middle, Serena has a tight return off Maria and shoots wide. 15-15.  ACE!! Wow, too fast to see! 30-15. Use those aces!!  Serena serves wide inside AD court, Maria returns and Serena returns deep corner down the line. 40-15.  High toss, blasts a middle ACE to the T, a winner!!!  Game Williams, 6-4.

In under 2 hours, see what can be done!


In two sets you took the clay, 6-4, 6-4.
photo courtesy Associated Press/ CHRISTOPHE ENA
Serena is so happy!  Her 16th major championship!  

Maria, you played so beautifully, we look forward to seeing you at Wimbledon!

Such a big day for these fabulous tennis players at Stade Roland Garros, click the RG icon to take you to all the highlights and latest!

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