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updated April 25, 2013

I just love Clarins skincare, this is one line I come back to, even through the maze of cosmetic products to choose from.  Why? It boils down to trust.  I trust the Clarins research, the array of products for specific  target areas, and yes, the French connection.

Clarins FEED10 offer  will again surface in September 2013, stay tuned, as the FEED10 gift has expired now for this spring.

at Macys
This charitable partnership is something new for the Clarins  cosmetics company, the sincere and generous offer to contribute directly to a children's charity Feed 10, see this New York Times article on the marketing of this necessary approach to help others while standing behind the brand of beauty and wellness and skincare.

I am so happy to be a part of such intelligence, yes, intelligence, since as a consumer you all of a sudden can make a difference, and if others follow, which they will, you have instantly become a part of something much bigger!

Plus, you get a bonus of fabulous beauty from Clarins.

I am choosing the hand cream, which I love because it smells delightful and absorbs quickly, besides helping the nails and cuticles too.  Truly an all in one beauty regime that takes one minute for your hands!

at Macys $30
This product was the first ever purchase I made with Clarins in the 1980s when it first was introduced to the United States. Amazing what a fragrance can do, each time I indulge in this hand cream, I think of all the promise of youth, of freshness and beauty and wonder. It also evokes memories of togetherness, when my mother-in-law and I would share the double treatment package and comment, gossip and do all things good friends do, while we stay beautiful with lovely hands from Clarins all the while!

The ingredients are true Clarins with plant based benefits, but I am surprised that the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream does contain ethyl and methyl paraben, listed mid-way on the box. I just love this product so much that I have decided to keep it in  my repertoire and be diligent to cut out all other products that contain parabens. Well then, following these steps now you can enjoy this wonderful, effective hand cream! This is a fourth time purchase for me, it is truly a mainstay and I just love it.

For the second product, I simply return to the Camomille Toning Lotion, it cleans, is not sticky, and is incredibly refreshing, alone or after cleansing.  Paraben free. A true keeper in my book!!

at Macys $20
So take a trip on the Clarins line, you will be impressed with their offers, and, another Feed 10 special will grace the markets in September 2013, the second half of the charitable roll out to help children all over the world.

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