Thursday, March 14, 2013


You know why you are here, we all seek beauty in one form or another. Beauty does come in many forms, and it takes a little bit of training to seek out that which adores and is adorable!

Such is the main purpose of this website, to provide a lasting mindset that will guide you through life and all its challenges, good, bad, uneventful.  Whatever your circumstance, with beauty in your being and the forefront of your mind, over time you will discover a new layer of life and personal rewards!

Let us try something different today. Wherever you go, whatever you do, look for the beauty of something, anything in your line of vision, a thought, words expressed by a co-worker, pick anything and be objective and analyze. And SMILE!  This is not a hard exercise, it does take training and self discipline however.

Look for the beauty of a line, the curve of a chair, the hint of teasing, dancing eyes when you make someone else laugh. And be patient with yourself and those around you. You never really know what is going on around you, and the same pertains to those you associate with as well.

Someone on the sidewalk gives you a push? Well, maybe they don't know, and yes, maybe they don't care, but instead of reacting in a negative, defensive way, be glad you are there! That life has given you this opportunity to interact with others, to learn and be learned, to have a presence that is meant to be!

And beauty of thyself? Yes, we love gorgeous clothes and a symmetrical face, science has shown that through numerous studies, you have heard those of babies happily responding to a smiling, evenly proportioned face.  BUT, what about the rest of us who have not been gifted such genetics?  There are methods to balance out the face, the use of makeup, for one.  And you do not need a lot, either!

Apply that foundation lightly, no caking, with upward, sweeping motions.  Go light on the eyes for morning and daytime, save that heavy allure for late night parties.

And the best presentation of yourself is to be confident.  With less makeup, deep breathing for relaxation, and shoulders back, you are much more beautiful than simply piling on the color, running out the door with bright red lips at 8AM, and zipping up your dress as you go.

With less makeup, you save time and can balance yourself in the moment you are given.  Keep the negatives to a minimum, and guess what?  

With your confidence and even minded attitude, you will have your own personal symmetry, the most important attribute of all! 

Over time you will see results, so please, give this little experiment of mine a try, look for the little beauties in life, absorb the wonder of our gift of life, and soon you will feel and look better than ever!  Try it!

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