Friday, November 2, 2012


Survival is key, how to keep our beauty and find our proper balance? Help those around you and work on empathy, each and every day.  Not so easy at times! It is difficult to put ourselves in another's shoes, we each have our own unique experiences, but we can help one another to the extent possible and hopefully these words will prove encouraging.

No matter the situation, it is so important to stay strong mentally and physically.  If your body is strong, it does help keep the mind resilient especially in times of stress. In the good times, do prepare for the unexpected.  Think of the Roman goddess Diana the Huntress, stay steady, keep your balance!!

When stuck in a tough spot, as a hurricane for instance, nerves can run frazzled, so it is recommended to discipline thyself and maintain tight control of your emotions. Consider that those around you are different than you are and have varying levels of understanding and experience, and appreciate the little things around you.

I grew up in the country, with storms and week long power outages, and you learn to use the daylight to its utmost, and sleep in many layers with shoes on to keep the cold from getting the better of you. It's kind of fun this camping out, it is temporary and remember that as such.

And yes, we girls like to maintain ourselves even in the toughest of times, so wear those eyeglasses and show off a high ponytail.  Lots of time to floss, so have pretty teeth!  No water?  Maybe you have some mouthwash to use.  Put  on a great lipstick, and you are done!

So much is attitude. Truly. Imagine how you want to go through a certain situation. Yes, we will feel pain, disappointment, abandonment on certain levels, acknowledge these very real feelings, but then also know that the situation IS temporary and you will get through it.  There WILL be a brighter day. There IS an endpoint, many times we simply cannot see it. 

Meanwhile, remember your priorities to help others and appreciate what you DO have. 

A few little adjustments in thinking can go a long way in helping yourself and those around you. ♡

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