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I just LOVE these two tennis greats!  Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic!!!  Here they are, walking in amidst the smokey dry ice and radiant applause at the ATP Barclays Final in London, the last tournament of the tennis year 2012!! Championship match coming up, a closing for a fabulous tennis year.

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Ah, the good old coin toss! This is an indoor, hard court surface, evening match.  Roger (world #2) will be happy.  Novak (world #1) will be ready.

It is bittersweet to end the tennis year 2012, I played a lot and learned so much.  And now, these two players as the capstone. Feds aces the first serve. I wish I could serve like Federer!

One shot after the next, wow!!! Nice! First game in under one minute.

Novak up to serve now. First serve is a fault. Now, a double fault. Hmmmm.  Feds has 6 points now. Three break points now. Woah, Federer breaks Djokovic.

The early start is critical for later success.  Whatever goes on in between can be negligible if points are strung up early.  Federer is serving great. Time for me to pay attention now. Serving and volley. No fear, gets right up to the net. I like Roger's deep blue shirt. 40-30. Game Federer. Games 3-0.

Roger is clearly attacking. Explosive shot, so quick, so angled.  Bravo, Roger!  Novak has got to get in the game here, He is such a terrific player. Okay, Novak has an advantage here. Game Novak. 1-3 now.

Okay, I will take  a writing break here, the early part of the match is over now, and now it's time for both to simply play.  This is fast playing.  Probably the quickest we will see ever in men's tennis, these two players really show what this sport is about.  

Both hit early, with anticipation, with few unforced errors if any.  Both players are in perfect physical condition.  I am going to find out their menus and put them in another posting!!

Novak breaks Federer now, catching up!!! 2-3, Novak to serve now, he wins to tie up at 3-3 now.  Feds gets next game, it is good fortune to win the coin toss here! 4-4 now, Federer serving. Deuce. Djokovic is quick to react and is varying the height of his ball now. Roger does a fist shake, attack, attack!! Deuce. Break point for Novak now.  Tennis is tough!! 7 minute game here. Deuce again.  Great serve, Roger. Novak breaks Roger, 5-4, Novak to serve now. 

Momentum has changed and it's anyone's set now. Lots of back and forth rallies here. Ad Feds. breaks for 5-5 now!!

Novak falls and rolls.  Roger is up 6-5. Novak serving, 40-30, 1 hour of play, game Djokovic! 6-6 game score, 3-2 tiebreaker score, Federer serving now. 3-3. 4-4, 5-4 Djokovic. 5-5 now. 5-6, Djokovic. 6-6, 7-6 Djokovic, now 8-6. Djokovic wins first set!

Novak opens the second set. Ad Federer now. Deuce now. Ad Novak, this is a big game for opportunity- usually the more experienced player will take it. Ad Novak. Lots of back and forth here!! Deuce again!  6 unforced errors between the two of these players. Ad Feds. Ugh, hits out, deuce. Ad Feds. Novak misses, game Federer.

Federer holds, taking advantage of the "lull" in the match, picking up points readily from Djokovic. 2-0.

Roger really keeps his focus, but Novak will not let him go!! 2-1. Roger serving, deuce now. Ace! Ace again!! 3-1.

Now 30-0, Novak just aces! 30-15 now, Pippa is here!!  40-30 now. Deuce. Ad Feds.  Deuce.
Ad Novak. Game, Novak. He looks hot. :) 2-3.

Federer double faults. Djokovic falls again! Game Feds. 4-2.

A quick game for Novak, 3-4 now.... 

Love -15. Fault.  great serve, great point set up, 15 All. Now, 30-40, break point chance for Novak. Ace! Deuce. Eighth ace of the match. Ad Feds, Fault, Deuce. Federer gets to net more.  "Sprint forward on floaters," Brad Gilbert advice. Game Feds, 5-3.

15-0, Novak serving. 30-0, Roger errors twice at net chip and charge tactic. Novak takes the game, 4-5 now.

15-0, Federer serving.  Ace. 30-15. 40-15. 40-30. Deuce! Ad out. Federer got tight. 5-5!!

Let ball, Novak serving.  Roger shanks the ball. 15-0. Ace!  30-0. 30-15. 30-30. Very unpredictable!! Fault. Whoa, 40-30 now. Let. Out, 6-5. Djokovic out in front!

Roger is serving. 0-15. 15-15. 30-15. 30-30. 30-40. 

Djokovic wins!! 

Match length: 2 Hours, 14 Minutes.

CONGRATULATIONS, NOVAK!! A champagne toast!!

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