Sunday, October 14, 2012


Such a gorgeous weekend! A first for us~ our family visited The New York Botanical Garden, established 1891, in the Bronx NY. Our daughter's birthday, too, what a great way to celebrate a special day!

Here, the grass was green and the lawns detailed with rare species of trees and plants, some completing the summer cycle, and others just beginning to show their fall glory.

There ARE certain laws of nature that are followed, such is the world we live in, which can be good news!  So many types of people admired and studied the beauty and cultivation of nature around us. The rarity and enormity of these specimens exhibit singular qualities of life, freshness and strength, while also sharing their geographic locale with spying interlopers as ourselves, straining to get a glimpse into their private domain. Above is a hawk, tired of us humans taking leave for greater vistas.

Whether being a part of the natural world or aspiring to be the best we can be, as women WE share truths among ourselves, and I have witnessed this unity first hand through my postings on this blog.  

Just as the nature lovers at the Botanical Garden, so many of you wonderful Readers from around the globe have come to visit FIT BEAUTY and YOU, all in the quest and desire for fulfillment and betterment, and the sought after knowledge on making the most of our lives. I am just like you, and you are just like me- we aspire to the same goals!  

It is YOU who make this site exciting and fun, and I give each and every Reader a BIG thank you! Study the world, explore as much as you can, and keep an open mind. Wherever you are, get fit and gorgeous as you aspire to nature's beauty! 

And always, to the best of your ability, give to others with a willing heart and a smile besides. ♡

p.s. While strolling the Garden grounds, I used Crabtree & Evelyn's pomegranate hand cream, soft and smooth, with a mild woody scent of fall- paraben free! It stayed with me for most of our three hours, a scent that will forever remind me both of our family's delightful autumn visit at the Garden and our daughter's special day!

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