Sunday, November 8, 2015


Birthdays, I just love them! Really and truly, once a year, a special day is all for you! Yours alone to claim the prize of another year, a year of blessings and no disguise, you are who you are and happy to be YOU!

And yes, today IS my birthday. I love my birthday. I love the number 8, the month of November brings bright leaves of red and gold, colors to portend the coming of Christmas.  But not yet!  It is November, the month of topaz swathed in amber sun and hues of London blue. Gemstones indigenous to November.

Birthdays bring up those days in your life that are watermarks, hallmarks, stepping stones to what becomes defined as your life. I have been blessed with all those around me during the course of my years, and I hope yours as well.   

A few hallmarks of my own?

Let us start with my actual birthday! Scroll back in time and envision a 1950's police escort on motorcycle ~ my dad was driving the car with my very expectant mother and his mother in the car too. Most likely my grandmother in tow as someone with some sense during times of stress (my parents were naturally prone to over-excitement).  I can just see my grandmother flag down a policeman as my father was lost. He mistook a school for the hospital!  Such excitement babies can bring!  That day my dad was running for local political office, he lost the election, but won a baby girl! Born on Election Day!

Moving forward to my 6th year, my mom made a 6 tier birthday cake in cascading levels from small to large, all in pink icing.  She put charms in the cake as prizes for all the children that day, so fun!  

I remember my 13th birthday as well. I always wanted to be 13. You are a teenager then! So grown up, so smart, we have all the answers and so many more things to learn, wow life is intense, complex and ready for a 13 year old as myself!

My 16th birthday brought a small dinner party, again my mom did so well in planning this event. I will cherish it always.

Then, the teen years come and go, I really loved the age of 19 and if I could scroll back, that would certainly be one of the years. A complicated, strong, powerful year of deep studies, associations old and new, and a waistline that I hardly see anymore but know it is there :) 

The decade of the 20s, the brain is still developing and steadying by the age of 25 into what becomes personal identity, and at 25 the year of marriage and peace of mind and growth and love and finally having a direction in life.

Children come into our lives in the 30s, and each birthday now shifts into the birthdays of our children. But behind all that, my special day in November is still all my own, and I hold onto that as it is my stronghold, my own identity that lasts so that I can be an attentive mother for the betterment of my children.

The calendar pages fly by, so much to do in the 40s, so much love and sacrifice for future generations; the effort is worthwhile. Children and aging parents, and a female physiology that changes as well, oh so subtly. And each birthday year, whether praying for family unity and peace and spiritual guidance or helping a child grow, November 8th remains my day. 

November is the 11th month~ parallel lines reach toward infinity, they are constant and never change.  They are in alignment, but never join; they are parallel. The 8th is the
number 8, which turned on its side is the Greek symbol of infinity . The 11th month on the 8th day, so in alignment with each other.

The 50s bring strength and resolve, a true sense of being, a knowledge that hanging in there and being true to thyself is the best reward. Help others, know thy surroundings and having a good laugh work wonders. Try it!

The future? Who knows? But today, it is my birthday.

Such a precious day to be cherished. Count your own blessing as there are many.

And YOUR birthday? Everyone has one!

Birthdays arrive but once a year, have a good one dear readers!

p.s. A little birthday discovery today, too! For those hands of yours  ~

1. I layer firming fluid DMAE by Reviva Labs first.

2. After it dries I apply Jurlique Lavander Hand Cream~ my hands are wrinkle free and the skin elastic, wow! 


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