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For as long as I can remember, the "topaz" has had a lasting mystery for me.  Even its name, how many times does it evoke an air of exotic tastes, of far away places yet to be explored? 

The topaz is the birth gemstone for November, and represents true love and success, also empathy and healing. It is the gemstone of royalty.

A poem for you~
                                                 "Who first comes to this world below
                                                     In dreary November's fog and snow,
                                                    Should prize the topaz amber hue,
                                                    Emblem of friends and lovers true."

I have two favorites, the Imperial Topaz, and London Blue Topaz. Swiss topaz of course is so pretty too, a bit brighter than the London, and then there is the Sky Blue topaz, just as it sounds.

Bright orange gold in deep tones faceted so that you witness the sun rays of dawn. Such is the precious Imperial:

Photo courtesy Cape Diamond Holdings

Topaz has been the friend and gifts of kings and queens, please see Hans Holbein portrait of Tudor King Henry VIII in his robe decorated with topaz, including his rings:

Portrait of King Henry VIII by Hans Holbein 1540
"The Topaz King"

Topaz evokes wisdom, healing and royalty. It seems King Henry needed a LOT of topaz to keep him somewhat balanced, but  alas, the topaz did not have any help to his six wives!

And the London Blue Topaz, so soft and blue, so noticeable to all that come across its path~

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The blue topaz is also one of the "modern" blue gemstones for December. You could say this stone does double duty representing two months.

Query:  Do you think these gems have certain powers of their own, as so often cited in chakra books, astrology and so on?  

I am really not so sure, but will acknowledge that these topaz gems are certainly from the earth with definite physical properties and molecular structures. And if loyal admirers imprint upon these attributes, perhaps through positive mindset alone the attributes then become real. 

A possibility.

But what is definite is the natural beauty bestowed upon us admirers.  As a little girl, in some of the streams we would play in, yes! play! Before pollution and organized play dates :), we would turn over rocks, and seek out the jewels of quartz that hid along the tiny banks of rock and silt.  Quartz is a lesser derived form of topaz.

Once in a while we would find such a natural gem, rinse it off in the bubbly stream waters, and pocket it to add to our collections at home.  Some had faded algae streaks impressed over time from their humble aqueous dwelling, others with jagged edges that made holes in our pockets for our mothers to sew!

That very same quartz in the streams:

Photo courtesy of  Jewel Tunnel Imports 

So there it was and still is in my heart, in childhood the topaz as a handy motif or totem watching over us.

And now, the mighty topaz presents as a best friend for all to admire. 

"Emblem of friends and lovers true."

Wear them well!
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