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US OPEN 2015

Okay, so by now everyone is in the middle of this nail biting, unpredictable, physical tennis Grand Slam held in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, in Queens, New York City. The US Open is held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, the official site of the USTA. 
the official site!

 Indeed, the party continues in the "city that never sleeps," New York is such a fabulous place to visit and to live.  Each time I visit the Big Apple, I learn more and become more comfortable with what I do know.  Such also is the game of tennis.   Yes, anything and everything can circle back and be equated in one way or another to this fabulous game. I am not kidding.

What tennis does

Tennis teaches and develops our patience, strength, grace, humility, persistence, diplomacy, simplicity, and understanding. You know I love this game. And I can vouch for all the players at this year's US Open that they are here for the same thing.  Yes, of course, prize money, endorsements, but once you get beyond that, what is there? Yes again, back to what tennis teaches us all.  You have to want it, you have to develop it, you have to be healthy and careful and relaxed. 

Wow, what a combination of disciplines!  

Who does it the best?

You guessed it~ Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic.  

A Bird's Eye View, up to Round 3

Three Greats

Serena almost got beaten by other US player Bethanie Matek-Sands, final scores 3-6, 7-5, 6-0. Matek-Sands was solid from the start, and dominated the first set, up 3-0 until Serena got in the game. Then a dog race till the end of the set, Matek-Sands still dominating into the second set.  It was a tough second set for Serena, so close, and everyone knows that one false move and Serena could lose her quest to win every Grand Slam in the calendar year 2015.  She would be in the same camp as Steffi Graff. But Serena pulled through with the grit and might of a champion, a rare champion, and she mustered her all and then some to prevail. So much that she took the deciding third set at 6-0.  A classic example of a breakthrough, and how hard it si to convert, but once there, the truth of cler sailing. Serena, thank you for your strength. You show us that excellence is not easy, it is very hard, and you show us how it is done. Thank you.

And Roger Federer, who does not want to watch you? Grace under fire, determination, perfect placement and timing. Check out his new 'saber' return of serve move~ he comes in to hit the serve early when the server has the ball in the air and cannot see him. Nothing else need be said. We all know.

And Novak? So young, so full of energy and total depth of character. Great book Serve to Win, discover and realize that every player has a story, and Novak's is hardly no exception. Also a terrific 14 day gluten free diet, getting to world number 1 does not just happen! And Novak, you have been taught well by coach Boris Becker, who Hall of Fame coach Nick Bollettieri says has the deepest understanding of the dimensions of the game ( see Nick's book on Amazon entitled Changing the Game).

The fashions

No special links, but a BIG observation on the sneakers. Yes, ALL the players' sneakers! I have never seen so many different colors in one tournament, and the color yellow stands out the most. Lots of dresses for the women, and the men tend to change their shirts as much as their racquets! Oh yes, I am very excited to see Simona Halep wearing Adidas Adizero ensemble, hers is in red, mine is in yellow/blue for my fall league play, great choice Simona!

New York, NY

When in New York City, you never know when you will stumble upon a quartet, some live music, quality! I came across an impromptu ensemble on the steps outside Madison Square Garden the other day, so fun!

How champions win and lose

Here is a New York Times link for more on the Serena match and what went on with Rafa Nadal in his match where he ultimately succumbed to Fabio Fognini at 1:27 AM.

AND, Azarenka versus Kerber, check out this synopsis on what is being called 'the match of the year.' 

AND, number 2 seed Simona Halep defends and defeats contender Shelby Rogers in straight sets, while Canadian Eugenie Bouchard slips and falls in the women's locker room and may not be able to continue with her singles matches at the US Open. Such is the challenging life of competition. I hope Eugenie is all right. 

Update~ Eugenie Bouchard has a concussion and has withdrawn from the US Open. Also, Serena progresses once again toward her quest to earn 5 titles of consecutive Grand Slams in one year.

The crowd

Far from the madding crowd (could not help but reference that classic fourth novel by Thomas Hardy), beyond the outdoor courts and champagne stands, yes, you can sip champagne at the Open, inside the stadiums, there is a different energy.  Electric. It must be so exciting to be a player here, and so exciting to witness such fabulous tennis. You can hear the din of the crowd inside this Arthur Ashe stadium, and the buzz is worth it. The buzz is the excitement, the thrill and wonder of being at the best tennis party on the planet, right here in NYC!!!

TV schedule 

Cannot make it to this year's US Open? Not to worry, get front row seats at ESPN and the Tennis channel!  Click here for this year's grand slam schedule! 

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