Monday, October 1, 2012


updated November 20, 2013

Where do we find that starting point to look our best? Before you apply any color to your face, you have to prepare your "canvas." 

Why? To have our makeup last for hours, so we can forget about re-application and instead go about our business. Do this properly, and next steps of adding color will be sure to have a lasting staying power for hours to come!  

Firstly, try this highly efficient cleanser of Clarins:
Foaming Cleanser by Clarins

Here it is in Cottonseed, comes in Tamarind and Shea Butter also! You do not need much, this bottle will last a good six months.

Next, complete the process with:
Gentle Refiner MicroBeads by Clarins
These microbeads will actually polish the face, smoothing for a tight feel and look. You can smooth these microbeads in your palms then gently smooth in circles, or add to a facial massage tool for extra exfoliation.

If you rinse and dry really well, you do not need a toner, BUT if you like the finish of a toner, I have consistently gone back to this Toning Lotion with Camomile:

Camomile Toner by Clarins

It is gentle and tightens the skin without drying. Perfect for dry skin, any age!

Clarins as a brand uses well-researched botanicals as the base for all its formulas, targeting specific areas of the face and body for improvement and well-being.

Now for the fun, fascinating part of skincare~ give yourself a facelift!

Yes, a facelift!

The Extreme Face UP by Wei East is made of silica, paraben free, and works instantly.  Mix with hot water in the palm of your hand, and pat into skin, and hold tight in an outward pull! Wait 90 seconds, when dry you are good to go on to the next step.
at Wei East $27, 56 applications!
Next, for a quiet canvas of your visage, choose a primer or moisturizer you are comfortable with, and those that are paraben free. Aim to create a smooth landscape. 

I like Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer, it can be worn alone or under foundation~

at Sephora $38
What it is formulated to do:
The silky blend of vitamins and antioxidants smoothes and perfects skin, while the unique formula helps to inhibit the destruction of collagen, and fills in fine lines and pores for a flawless finish.

So, prepare YOUR canvas, create a masterpiece!

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