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Once again Stanislas Wawrinka of Switzerland faces adversary Novak Djokovic of Serbia at the Australian Open 2014.  Last year was quite a match, and this year proves no differently! 

So close, look at these scores on Day 9, where the heavens above favor the Swiss~ 2-6, 6-4, 6-2, 3-6, 9-7.
                                    Here is Stan Wawrinka, a man who loves his game~

courtesy of REUTERS
Is there something in the cheese or chocolate we need to know about? Switzerland has raised two great players on the men's side :) :)

How the tables have turned~ 'Stan the Man' puts his all into his playing, Novak the reining king of the Australian Open is working hard to maintain his title.  Novak has won four (4) Australian Opens, and is going for his fifth.

courtesy AFP
What goes through the mind of a champion?  What happened in this match of dueling gladiators for the second time at this Down Under grand slam that swept the tide in Stan's favor?

Classic dueling tennis throughout this match, so let's look at the last few points.  I have noticed these great champions, Djokovic, Federer, Murray, Williams, Sharapova, so many, that at the moment when an opposing match point occurs, they remain un-phased. 

These champions know the moment, the impact of a swing and volley, better not double fault! Somehow, over time, I see that they seem to create a new reality out there. Time is suspended, so much rides on one point.  Li Na worked this thought in her Day 5 match against the Czeck Sarafova. On one single point, she was able to turn around the match and win the final set to progress to the next round.  I see this recognition and resolve on their faces, in the breathing, the body stance, the length of time to hit up a serve.

So, what happened to Djokovic on those last two points that tipped the scales to Stan? In a deuce pattern, first Novak hits long, then up at net and volleys wide and long. Match to Stan! Again, what happened?  After 5 sets and near the finish line, the old cliche rings true~ Stanislas Wawrinka wanted to win MORE.  He is tired too, but is serving faster than ever, and keeping his shots inside the lines.

And Novak Djokovic? He lost focus at two crucial moments in the match, and it therefore cost him the match and to progress to the possibility of a fifth win here at the Australian.  Novak did not take that long pause before he serves those last two points. It almost looks like in those last two shots he rushed his serve, lost focus of the ball in the rally, these shots are simply not like him.

Here is a 4 minute Youtube of the highlights, look for the last two points!

In exactly four hours, these two great players so well matched for one another gave us quite an example of how the game of tennis is played. On so many levels.  Bravo to you both!!

To compare last year to this year at the Australian Open, please see DUELING GLADIATORS, what a turn around!


From the 2014 Australian Open website~


Stanislas Wawrinka
Novak Djokovic
Double faults
98/170 (58 %)
1st serves in
105/144 (73 %)
71/98 (72 %)
1st serve points won
75/105 (71 %)
36/72 (50 %)
2nd serve points won
23/39 (59 %)
219 KMH
Fastest serve
203 KMH
194 KMH
Average 1st serve speed
187 KMH
156 KMH
Average 2nd serve speed
146 KMH
20/30 (67 %)
Net points won
26/35 (74 %)
5/10 (50 %)
Break points won
4/7 (57 %)
46/144 (32 %)
Receiving points won
63/170 (37 %)
Unforced errors
Total points won

AND, the keys to the match!

Stanislas Wawrinka
1.  Win more than 35% of 1st serve return points.
2.  Win more than 72% of points on 1st serve.
3.  Win more than 48% of medium rallies.
Novak Djokovic
1.  Win more than 52% of medium rallies.
2.  Average more than 7.2 points per game returning.
3.  Win more than 26% of 1st serve return points.
26% YES   

See how you match up with your own playing!

Good luck, Stan in your semi-final!

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