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* Wear simple matching colored clothes, accent with jewelry for variety

* Use dry shampoo for extra hair lift

* Create a separate makeup bag for the next week with basic essentials~mascara, eyeliner,  eye primer, face primer, foundation, blush, eye & face makeup remover, a lipstick in your favorite shade

* Use clear or light colored nail lacquer, you won't see any chips!

*Have your utensils handy~ hair straightener, brush, eyelash curler !!

The holidays are here, stay on schedule with your fitness and beauty routines!

We have 4 1/2 weeks of holiday season beginning at Thanksgiving in the United States, which includes Hannukah, then Christmas, ending at New Years. If you follow the Roman Catholic calendar, add 3 more days to the Epiphany on January 4th. Either way, that is not much time to accomplish all that we plan!! 


This year I have a plan: HOLIDAY SURVIVAL.  It will allow my fitness to continue, enjoy the holidays, and help others to the extent capable :) Plus, learn a little something extra, too!

First, ADMIT that the holidays are a different time AND for everyone else around you, too.

Second, CHANGE UP your routine. This is a must if you are to keep your fitness level as it is  today until the holidays conclude.

Third, TAKE CONTROL NOW.  You can do this, just as I am right now as I write this!



  • Plan your exercise routine one week at a time
  • Map out the routine you want to accomplish
  • I usually swim at the end of the week, I will now swim at the beginning or middle week, PLUS at a completely different time than usual, and THEN plan accordingly each week as it goes 
  • I will keep to the schedule I have already committed to, for example, my pre-scheduled pilates class and tennis group
  • I will remain flexible with my scheduled planning, making sure to include what I need to stay at goal
Map out your plan NOW!!


  • Carbs will be consumed early in the day
  • Incorporate sliced apples or tangerines as snacks, carry in a plastic bag in your purse!
  • Eat as much fresh greens as possible
  • Chocolate and nuts to a minimum!! Only once a week :) This will be tough....
  • Drink coffee 1/2 cup in the morning, 1/2 cup in the afternoon- the coffee bean cuts the appetite, satisfies chocolate cravings!!

  • Arise 30 minutes earlier, so as to take in the day for a fresh start!
  • Stay on track with work schedule minimizing distraction
  • Keep paperwork organized with regular removal of all unnecessary items
  • Make lists for organization, then check off what  has  been accomplished
and SOCIAL...:) :) :)

  • Keep positive even when things may not go your way- there are other ways to do things!! Stay positive to keep your time and mind most active!!
  • Attend gatherings, enjoy, avoid alcohol, have some seltzer with cranberry juice and a twist of lime in pretty stemware, use a wine glass!
  • Get a manicure, hold that stemware with style!
  • Eat BEFORE you go out, remember Scarlet O'Hara in Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
  • SMILE! And be sure to floss at least 4 X a week, use a whitener too
  • And please be considerate of others, not easy sometimes, but make it a daily goal
  • Be a GOOD listener, you will learn so much!
  • Give someone a compliment!

Enjoy, and ring in the holidays!!

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