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Fathers Day comes but once a year, a truly special day for Dads we hold so dear. A father is a special guy, he does so much expecting so little.  He understands the assumption that his job is necessary, that his efforts are understood, worthy and good. This is the ideal, this is what a simple life is all about.  Goodness, and giving.

Of course, Dads have their interests too, and for that we are thankful and appreciate what newness and surprises and even common sense they bring to the family.

Fathers are strange creatures, they love their little girls, they play ball with the boys, go to work, love their wives, and need a little time to themselves as ‘cave-dwellers.’  Such is the ideal on Fathers Day, and we so appreciate and treat them as such special beings this day as we should always.

By now Fathers Day has already come and gone, but a tribute to Dads today and all those of  ‘the greatest generation’ needs to be hallmarked, to be cherished and loved. Here is our simple story on Fathers Day weekend 2013.

Golf is a very typical, even stereotypical past time for Dads, and actually on Fathers Day weekend we had the good fortune of coming across tickets to the PGA US Open in Merion, Pennsylvania!  How much we saw, how much we learned!  It was really sweet to see many Dads walking around, you could tell, truly relaxing on their day.

Regard Grand Slam Champion Bobby Jones of 1930, teeing off on the fairway also at Merion.  My father in law was a youth at that time, and witnessed this historic event.  This back view of Golfer Jones even looks like my husband's dad, who himself was a state golf champion.  What a handsome guy.  Greatness can be contagious. Take a good look at this photograph. Jones' form is immaculate, his perfection is conducted with ease.  Such is a champion.  Bobby Jones did it all, just not at the same time. Click here for his World Golf Hall of Fame biography.

On Fathers Day 2013 we saw golfers Mickelson and Stryker tee off at the 17th Hole, the crowd roaring from distant stands as Mickelson made an ‘eagle,’ then the deflated collective ‘oh…’ for another player who missed his putt.

Every now and then you get a 'moment' as I call it, a snapshot in time that will stay with you forever. Such is the moment when we are 10 feet away from golfer Mickelson, a lefty, orienting himself on the bluff of the fairway, analyzing his shot to make it to the green. The setting sun is behind him, a flat backdrop for an animated champion. Such was Saturday.

Ultimately the Englishman Rose won the coveted title on Sunday, but Mickelson’s fans stayed true to the end.  As he was the final golfer of the tournament, we rushed the green as so many, another snapshot in time. 

I turned to face the fast approaching crowd and my family, all scampering up the hill of the fairway to the already crowded green.On bended knee and with extended arms, I beckoned them all forward.  What a rush indeed! Police held back us unconventional spectators, we did not care, we were free and on the green where greatness stepped a few minutes before. Who needs a grandstand when you can be a part of the experience?  

But then, the collective ‘oh…,’ which was for Mickelson’s second bogey of the day.  On the screens set up near the exit gates I could see this wonderful player was vexed, unclear as to what happened with his golf game.  Such is sports, so difficult to measure, so difficult to fully comprehend what goes on. Mickelson comes in second, again.

So on that day we close Fathers Day on that very note, one of challenge, of sport, of  trying, as champions and as regular folk as well.  We all try, and the value is in the attempt no matter how great or small. Keep at it!!

The most important gift from my dad to me was that he said on multiple occasions, looking me straight in the eye, “You can do anything you set your mind to.”  He gave me that confidence, that inspiration, that knowledge that comes from Dads, that stays with me now.  

My dad embraced the human spirit, the drive, the persistence, the calm of being a complete person, a champion. For that I am eternally grateful, thanks Dad! 

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