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So exciting, we wait for this grand slam championship all year! Wimbledon 2015 promises to elicit surprise, wonder, newness. How do we know?
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Already this tournament is in its third day at the All England Club, and early seeds have been challenged and conquered by lesser foe. In round one there was the clear exit by Halep, number three in the world of women's tennis. Even Serena, playing so fabulously and in the game, slipped in her new Nike Court Flare sneakers, but champion she is, she gets up to win that first round even after a very slow start. Whew!

What can we look for at this year's Wimbledon?


First off, yes, those new sneakers of Serena's.  I need a new pair, and although priced high at 200 US dollars, if they perform well on court, I am all in.  

Engineered by Nike, they are light weight, should be comfortable (I am really looking forward to trying them on!), and promise ankle support so effortless it becomes a second skin so that you move and glide on the court, no interruption of play, of thought.

Here is a 3 minute Youtube, get the inside story from Serena Williams herself!

You can shop here at the Nike link~
NikeCourt Flare
Grass court technology

The courts are so fresh and new, grass is tough but allows for a good 'bite' on the ball, it flies by fast and bounces little.

I have yet to play on grass, almost did last week, but now am re-scheduled to play on clay. Some of my grass play research reveals that the ball bounce drops significantly, watch out for players who use 'dippers' that just clear the net and fizzle on your side of the court.

Be aware the ground itself can be lumpy and uneven. You definitely need ankle support under grass conditions, slipping can rank high in terms of casualty.

Rufus the hawk

Yes, here he is, the Harris hawk who keeps the birds away, such stature, such grandeur~ 

All a twitter @RufusTheHawk

Rufus is a serious bird. He is complete in his mission, resolute in his decorum.

For more on Rufus, you can see my post RUFUS THE HAWK.

And, of course, there are the players!

Who to watch

Serena Williams, already is the first woman to win three consecutive majors, the US Open in September 2014, next the Australian Open in Melbourne in January 2015, and then the French Open at Roland Garros in May 2015. She is looking to surpass Steffi Graff's 22 major wins, and a true grand slam if she takes Wimbledon 2015.

Roger Federer, yes we love you! This is your turf, show us your stuff!

Novak Djokovic, if we could only be as disciplined as you in your daily routine of practices, gluten free diet, your uplifting happy mood!

And, Ana Ivanovic, I want to see you excel here, your game is your own, show it!

When to watch

Click here for the television programming, stateside. 

 Reminder, there are not any matches played on Sundays at the All England Club, only encore matches can be seen.


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