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History will be made today, and not as you may think! At Wimbledon 2015, tennis sisters Serena Williams (33 years old) and Venus Williams (35 years old) play one another.

Here it is as it happens~


Venus wins the coin toss and serves first, but Serena breaks her coming right out of the gate. 0-1.

Serena next wins on her serve and is leading at 2-0.   

Venus holds for her next service game, and now let the games begin! 1-2.

Chris Evert says for Venus to win she must serve big and return big. I agree. That is the only way you have a chance against a big opponent.

At 2-2 now, Serena breaks Venus on her serve and is leading at 3-2. Only 15 minutes have gone by! These are quick points, for sure. Serena pulls out her big serves, and now leads at 4-2.

Venus is serving now and steps up to win a point at 15-0.  "Serena is dialed in from the start," says a commentator.  She has not played 'good tennis' this year but has won the slams anyway. Wish I could do that in my matches! Not so easy to pull out a win when you are not at your best, perhaps that is a sign of a true champion?

30-15 now for Venus.  Venus gets to the net and has a chance, 40-30 now. The crowd is quiet.  Second serve. Ace!  Such valor, such elegance. Venus has it all. 3-4 now.

Serena is serving. 15-30 now.  Venus hits long from the center, 30-30 now. 40-30 now.  Serena gets to net and puts away the ball for the game.  5-3 now.

These points are so short!

Venus is serving. 15-15 now. 30-15. 30-30. Fault. 40-30 now.  Deuce. How will Venus handle the first deuce here?  AD Venus.  Nail as many forehands as possible, Venus! That is your strength! Two big topspin forehands, game!

This match illustrates how you can win quick points and play fast, with quality tennis.  

Serena serves now. She is serving HUGE! How does she do that? Hold her best serves for last? 15-0. 30-0. Serena closes so well.  40-15 now. Another HUGE serve, game and set Serena!


Venus is serving, 0-15. 15-15 now.  15-30 now.  These points are so short, Venus will not go for some of Serena's putaways. 

Venus has to put pressure on herself to get that first serve in, says Chris Evert. I agree. When you are up against stiff competition, you have to muster all your power.

15-40 now. 30-40. Fault. Venus closes the point at the net, Deuce!  HUGE wide deep serve form Venus, AD Venus!  Both are keeping the points short.  A lot of winners off the serves and returns. Game, Venus Williams. Sisters, sisters!! 1-0.

Serena is serving.  You can tell Serena is dominating, but Venus holds her ground.  A lot of dynamics going here.  15-0.  A very tricky match.  Serena is trying to match Steffi Graff's record, and I think she can do it, while saving face for her sister, yet both sisters playing with mutual respect and not holding back their own personal games. 30-15.  Fault.  Serve to the middle court. Serena hits out. 40-30. Ace! Game Serena Williams. 1-1.

Venus is serving.  Serena hits long. 15-0. Hold serve, is Chris's recommendation to Venus.  I agree. If you hold serve, then you are in teh game. You open up possibilities for anything to happen, even win the match!

15-15 now.  Double fault. 15-30.  Fault.  Serena now hits long, forehands are breaking down somewhat.  30-30. 40-30 now.  Let service ball. Wow, Serena hangs in the point and corners Venus, a cross court slice winner.  A few more shots, AD Serena now.  WOW! Venus corners Serena and runs to the net for a putaway! Deuce. Venus does not want to drop serve here. AD Venus.  A rally, Serena hits long, game Venus Williams.  This has probably been the longest game of the match so far! 2-1. An on serve set so far.

Serena is serving. 15-0.  These points in the match are about three shots total.  30-0.  Is Venus tiring now? 40-0.  40- 15.  Game, Miss Serena Williams. 2-2.

Venus is serving now. 15-0 now. 15-15 now.  30-15.  40-15 now.  Game, Miss Venus Williams.  3-2.  Does Venus wonder if she wins this match against her sister, that she would spoil Serena's chances of history?  A lot of dynamics going on here.

This match seems all right with level of intensity, but that is all. Nothing spectacular except for some great rallies here and there. But even then, short points, some surprises on Venus's part with great net play. 

We figure Serena's motivation is to get on court and get off the court, get this match done and out of the way. That is why the crowd is rather quiet, almost ambivalent.

Serena is serving now.  15-0. 30-0. 77% of first service points are won by Serena.  Got to get that serve going!! 

Serena is gambling on her second serve, not Venus, says Chris. Yes, I agree. Serena has nothing to lose in trying new things here. She is prepping for her next match. Venus is in defense mode trying to hang in there and play a good match.

40-30 now.  Serena serves and volleys for the game. Serena serves with first serve going wide, then second more inside the court. 3-3 now.

Venus is serving.  15-15 now.  Venus was ranked number 1 for only 11 weeks, but, she got there!  And stayed in the game, as we see.  30-40 now.  Serena's forehand breaks down, deuce! AD Serena.   Serena is working hard here, first of the day. Fault.  Double fault. A gift to her sister, although not as Venus planned, she has been working Serena hard. 3-4 now.

Serena is serving. Will Serena bring out the heavy artillery now with her HUGE serves? Let us see.  Mental toughness is a big part of the game, says Serena in an interview.  Here she goes.  Huge, BIG powerful playing. 15-0. 30-0. Do not get ahead of yourself, Chris remarks, as Serena does at times. 40-0. Let net ball. Fault.  9 aces to Serena. Okay, ball in play. 40-15.  ACE! 5-3.

Venus serving now.  0-15. Fault.  0-40 now.  Nothing much happening here. Venus really faded at the end of this set. Triple match point.  Venus return wide, game, set, match Serena! The crowd is rather quiet, respectful.  

Total Match Time~ One hour, eight minutes.

Venus does not sign an autograph, that glory goes to her sister.

Such is the turning of the tide among siblings.  Never an easy time, grace will get both sisters through what they need to learn the most. 

Serena is on to her next match, on to her road to make history. Venus will be beautiful and elegant as always, in the stands with family and friends, perhaps relieved, that it is sister Serena battling the grass at Wimbledon. After all, Venus knows championship too.

photo courtesy Susan Mullano/USA Today

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