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I just have to write about our US Open 2013.  So excited with all the fabulous tennis playing!

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So many upsets, we will miss the Bryan Brothers, you both won three doubles slams in a row for 2013, and you should feel good about your accomplishments. "An avalanche of love," as said in an interview regarding their Twitter tweets.

And Andy Murray, best of luck to you, you won the US Open last year, an accomplishment you will always have.  Your grace afterwards marks the champion you are. We will miss you, but look forward to victor Stan Wawrinka and his latest matches. Stan is in the same draw as rival Novak Djokovic.  Will we see DUELING GLADIATORS again?

This is the tough part, the quarterfinals and semis. The playing really tightens up, very LONG points and games, mostly over 3 hours minimum.

And Richard Gasquet!!  A first for your country to be in the semis at the US Open. You did not  appear one bit fazed by your match yesterday, you simply played your game and it worked. Congratulations to you!

How about Youzhny and Hewitt? What a five set match that was, and Lleyton was up in the fifth at 5-2, 2 match points, but then Youzhny took the momentum back and would not let go.  Just goes to show, you can come back in a set and take it.  Perseverance and belief.

Nadal is in true, absolutely gorgeous form, beats Robredo in 3 straight sets, who tried as he could to simply get a point against the onslaught of a tennis genius.  I have been in your shoes, congratulations for winning 4 games from Nadal. And Roger Federer, this US Open was not for you, and you made a quiet, graceful exit from Louis Armstrong stadium. You are a true champion.

We will miss the graceful and gracious Ana Ivanovic, you are only 25, great ground strokes, you can return to your victory being a French Open champion 2008 and former world number 1, keep practicing and we will see you next year!  Ana shows us that you can stay feminine while blasting a tennis ball. A true fit beauty!

photo courtesy of Edwardo Munoz/REUTERS
what a great photo, regard the spectators in shadow
Serena pushes onward, as well as her doubles game with sister Venus. Li Na of China with the best footwork in the business is front  and center, Vika Azarenka wins even when not playing her best, Pannetta plays with heart and steel- like consistency.

Congratulations to all these players, women and men, playing one of the best sports out there.  In this slam, I have seen the best of tennis, and the fitness of all these players just gets better. The best playing has come with these players pushing 30 years old.  

I am so excited with Novak Djokovic's book Serve to Win, I read it in less than a day, went shopping and for the first time will try coconut oil in my muesli breakfast!

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Novak details his fitness regime, and over and over lets us know that we can overcome bad habits, incorrect food choices, and get on our game better than ever before.  Discipline is key, and having an open mind. Thank you, Novak, your book is a real game changer.

And, wheelchair tennis, what absolute beauty on the court, these players hit with one arm and wheel with the other. Their heads turn like a dancer's, in total rhythm with their bodies.

And also, the junior tennis is quite interesting to watch, you can see the best of new stroke production in these young players as taught by the best of coaches, and perhaps you will see a young future champion.

You can tune in to all the latest matches by clicking here, we are coming around the corner now for finals in just a few days!!

Newsflash!~ Novak Djokovic defeats Youzhny in four sets tonight, for four years Djokovic winds up in the US Open semis leading to the finals, congratulations, Novak!  Must be that gluten free diet! Plus your positive attitude :)

"Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose!" - from the television series Friday Night Lights.

You may want to read US OPEN 2013 DAY 7, compare and contrast another pivotal moment in the same tournament! Rare, indeed.

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